San-T-Flush is the unique automated dental line evacuation system that sanitizes, deodorizes and is environmentally friendly.

Dental offices are currently ill-equipped

  1. Current methods are time-consuming.
  2. Evacuation line sanitizing is now a manual procedure.
  3. Chemicals/Tablets/Powders are expensive
  4. Regulations are not strictly enforced
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Embrace A Green Solution

San-T- flush tablets are lab tested and proven eco-friendly solution that is “green” to nature. The saturated bull’s eye formula mixes at each flush, every time, exceeding regulation compliance.

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A Proven Solution

This proven solution is now available and set to comply with government regulations. San-T-flush comes with one cartridge containing a minimum of 100 flushes equals $0.10 per flush compared to current chemicals, tablets, or powders ranging from $0.34 to $1.70 per line flush! Start Saving!

Patent Pending

Future Proof YOUR Dental Office